Award submissions

Most industries seek to highlight their best performers. And while it’s great to get some recognition from your peers, the prestige of an industry award will make an even bigger impression on potential clients.

Red Pony can help you to identify what it is that makes your business unique, and capture this in a concise and compelling award submission.

Celebrating your success

Does your industry have a peak body that coordinates an awards process? Have you thought about submitting an account of one of your successful projects for consideration?

Some organisations don’t bother because of the time commitment involved and the absence of a short-term return. But the engagement of an outside provider to run the project and assemble and manage the submission might change the calculation.

A different point of view

In addition to project management, Red Pony brings the invaluable perspective of the outsider. We can ask the right questions to help bring out the story behind your project, and to tell that story in a way that will be fresh and compelling to a panel of judges who are more than familiar with the technical details.

See how we can help you:

  • plan an award submission strategy
  • get the crucial information from participants
  • turn facts into a compelling story
  • offer a fresh perspective and find new highlights.

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