Tenders & Proposals

The ability to write a successful tender, proposal or award submission can make all the difference in today’s competitive business environment. Organisations that master this skill will thrive, but those that do not will find themselves continually missing out on crucial business opportunities.

Buyers are becoming more sophisticated in how they procure products and services. Businesses and government departments are increasingly using the tender process to reduce costs and derive greater value from suppliers.

Even in the less formal sales process, prospective clients will often request a detailed business proposal from potential suppliers to enable them to fully evaluate the different options available from the market.

Unfortunately, not every business can afford to maintain an in-house pool of consultants, writers and editors to meet this demand for clear, concise and compelling sales and marketing documentation.

Red Pony provides clients with professional tender, proposal and award development services to give them the edge over their competition and the best possible chance of success.

Tender writing

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you create a successful tender: experienced consultants to produce well-written and compelling content, customised tools to bring all the requirements together, and a mature methodology to guide you through the entire submission process. [Read more]

Bid strategy

By drawing on the experience of our team of tender consultants, you can ensure you take a considered, strategic approach to each opportunity, giving yourself the best possible chance of creating a successful submission. [Read more]

Business proposals

Red Pony’s team of corporate writers and editors understand the unique requirements of each proposal document. We can help you present a clear and compelling business case to convince clients and bring in revenue. [Read more]

Submission evaluations

Are you submitting unsuccessful tenders? Are your bid documents consistent with current best practice? Our submission evaluation service provides you with a comprehensive report, which includes the weak points of your tenders and specific recommendations to lift your success rate. [Read more]

Award submissions

Winning an award for your work provides instant credibility and makes a big impression on potential clients. We can help you to create a submission that captures the essence of what makes your organisation unique and worthy of recognition. [Read more]