Business writing training

The ability to write clearly and concisely is a vital but often neglected business skill. We can help your people get their message across to clients and colleagues.

Red Pony offers business writing training that gives participants the basic tools and skills to help them produce clear, concise documentation.

Our business writing training will benefit anyone who has to get a message across in writing, whether through reports, proposals, presentations or email.

Workshops and presentations are conducted onsite at your workplace to ensure the maximum benefit with the least disruption.

In addition to course materials, training participants receive Red Pony’s concise reference booklet, A guide to grammar and punctuation.

Clear Writing workshop

Red Pony’s Clear Writing workshop is designed to provide measurable improvements in the writing and editing skills of course participants. It serves as a catalyst for change and continued improvement, rather than being an isolated, one-off event.

We teach concrete, specific techniques that participants can use in their everyday work. Participants learn through a series of practical exercises that can be easily applied to any communication task.

Tailored training

Each workshop is customised so that the materials have a client-specific context, and participants can focus on areas where they need the most assistance.

In a pre-workshop meeting we will discuss your specific requirements, and tailor the course accordingly. We will establish the audience, purpose and areas of focus to ensure the workshop is relevant and targeted, using actual examples from your organisation where appropriate.

Individual diagnostics and feedback

In order to improve participants’ writing, we need to know how they are writing now. Using best-practice metrics we measure the effectiveness of their writing and recommend areas for improvement.

We give individual written feedback to all course participants. We can also conduct one-on-one follow-up sessions to assess progress and further refine an individual’s writing skills.

We are expert trainers and expert writers, editors and proofreaders. We know how daunting it can be to have someone critique your writing; that’s why we give constructive and positive feedback in a non-threatening way.


The fee for running a Clear Writing workshop on your premises has two components: a base fee (cost per workshop) and a participant fee (cost per workshop participant).

The total workshop fee includes a one-hour pre-workshop meeting to tailor the course, individual diagnostics and feedback for each course participant (based on a sample provided) and a four-hour workshop conducted on-site by a qualified trainer.

To ensure that each workshop encourages participation, while allowing the trainer to respond to individual requirements, we need a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 participants.

For further pricing information and bookings, please send your enquiry using the form at the bottom of this page.

Clear Writing presentations

Red Pony’s one-hour Clear Writing presentation offers remedies for the most common mistakes made in everyday written communication – mistakes you don’t even notice you’re making.

But your audience notices.

Without taking you back to school, the Red Pony presenter analyses the most damaging mistakes that even experienced writers make and provides strategies to identify these errors and correct them.

Packed with practical advice, the one-hour presentation is ideally suited for incorporation as part of a regular team meeting, employee induction process or ongoing training program.

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