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Project Brief

Write a series of blog posts articulating PwC’s distinctive approach to strategy design and execution to highlight the organisation’s thought leadership credentials in this domain.


As part of a broader campaign to promote their strategy consulting services, PwC released the Strategy That Works e-book and an accompanying micro-website. To further consolidate their messaging, they commissioned Red Pony to write four sequential blog posts that captured the essence of their approach, to be published on LinkedIn.

For each post, Red Pony’s writer focused on a particular theme addressed in Strategy That Works. Using one of the 10,000-word chapters as the primary source, the writer drew out key practical insights that would be of immediate benefit to readers, and provided logical links between these lessons and various case studies nominated by PwC.

The posts had two aims: firstly, to create engaging, shareable content of value to readers. Secondly, to demonstrate PwC’s position as strategy-through-execution experts, not just at the front of their field, but defining it and pushing it forward.

Red Pony employed a personable yet authoritative ‘blogging’ tone appropriate to the medium. The purpose was to engage senior executives of Australian companies and encourage them to reflect on the current approaches to leadership within their own organisations, and what they can learn from these global success stories.

Collectively, the posts were shared over 150 times on LinkedIn within a week of their publication.

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